Summer Vibes

Hi,my name is Lacy; i'm 23 yrs old and I LOVE Big Time Rush,Kendall Schmidt and Harry Potter.

Stuff,Writing,The Beatles Victoria's Secret,Pink,Diamonds,Nail Polish,Hello Kitty,Ever After High,The Beach,Summer,Spring,Fall,Winter,Pizza,Starbucks,Jewelry,Shoes,Ice Cream,Louis Vuitton,Hermes',Louboution,Devil Wears Prada,Sex and the City,London England,Paris,Perfume,Britney Spears,Justin Timberlake,Christina Aguilera,Rihanna,Nicki Minaj,Katy Perry,Ke$ha,Fifth Harmony,Little Mix,Drawing,Christmas and Disney Stuff<3 XOXO <3


makeup, chihuahuas, junk food, sweets, working out, graphic design, tumblr, facebook, instagram, web design, photoshop, bikinis, tanning, sleeping, thunderstorms, coffee, driving, music, iphone, computers, drawing, coloring, anything hello kitty, pink, glittery & girly.


You can type things you dislike here or make this box into something else... I have no idea you choose what you wanna do.
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